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About Real Life Health Foundation

Real Life Health Foundationis a nongovernmental organization which desires to achieve a complete physical, mental, social and economical wellbeing for the woman, child and the youths. It was conceived and registered with the Ministry of Women Affairs in Imo State as Real Life assurance Organization in the year 2005. Since its inception, it has carried out many self help programs including research works mainly in the rural communities, one of which is the use of masquerades and traditional dances to spread the prevention of HIV/AIDs campaign which won a presentation in Toronto HIV/AIDS conference. It became transformed to Real Life Health Foundation in the year 2013 when it expanded its scope of activities. It concentrates on the most vulnerable groups in every population, developed or underdeveloped. It seeks to reduce the high level of mortality and morbidity in pregnant women and children mostly in rural areas and developing countries, it also seeks to protect and sustain the health and development needs of youths mostly adolescents with particular emphasis on their participation in activities and policy issues concerning them. It also facilitates synthesis, dissemination and application of reliable research results.



  • To educationally, socially and economically empower women to enable them overcome social, economic and cultural factors that limit their ability to make fully informed choices, particularly in the Areas of Reproductive Health.
  • To ensure availability, affordability and safety of family planning and contraceptives methods to help women make informed choices
  • To ensure that pregnant women as far as possible remain healthy throughout pregnancy, and have healthy babies.
  • To ensure that pregnant women recover fully from the physiological changes that takes place during pregnancy and delivery.
  • To ensure that proper epidemiological data collection, synthesis and dissemination especially from the rural communities with limited access.
  • To ensure that women are protected from infectious diseases especially sexually transmitted infectious and HIV/AIDS.
  • To set up women empowerment schemes to arm the underprivileged woman to support herself.
  • To promote as much as possible the accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of health care given to pregnant women throughout pregnancy and delivery especially in the third world and the less privileged population.
  • To promote liaison between different Governments and nongovernmental organizations in achieving near zero maternal mortality rates.
  • To ensure that women are protected from harmful traditional/cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), harmful widowhood practices


  • To promote the health of children to ensure that they achieve optimal growth and development both physical and mental.
  • To protect children from major hazards through specific measures (immunization, chemoprophylaxis, dietary measures) and through improvement in the level of care provided by the mothers and family especially via systems monitoring and research and collaborations’.
  • To treat diseases and disorders with particular emphasis on early diagnosis. The aim is to provide an effective remedy at an early stage before dangerous complications occur.
  • To protect and improve access to treatment of children from infectious and diseases acquired during pregnancy and delivery.
  • To enforce child rights issues.
  • To collaborate with other organizations and governments to ensure that abandoned and sick children are cared for at difference levels.


  • To establish Real Life Health Foundation Aolescent Network in primary and secondary schools and other institutions to empower adolescents academically, socially, economically and physically.
  • To establish Real Life Health Educational/Career/behavioural/health Programmesin schools incorporated in its youth advisory centers.
  • To work with Government and other Nongovernmental organizations to strengthen adolescent reproductive health and rights
  • To establish infectious diseases, cancer prevention and treatment schemes and training for adolescents.
  • Rehabilitation of mentally, socially and culturally underprivileged/disadvantaged youths/adolescents  in our society through entrepreneurial trainings, scholarships and health supporting modules
  • To establish Youth Empowerment Schemesin several locations with the overall aim of reducing youth unemployment and preparing the youth for a competitive job market. This will include computer training schemes, agricultural training programmes, international and national exchange programmes and other special programmes as the need arises.


  • To ensure that all Real Life Health Foundation activities take place in safe and healthy environment.
  • To promote environmental sanitation, proper waste management, vector control, food and safety hygiene, water supply, protection from radiation and protection from air pollution.
  • To preserve the environment through prevention of adverse traditional practices like indiscriminate bush burning and encouragement of afforestation, for instance the Real Life Plant a Tree project.
  • Advocacy on Environmental Protection Strategies.